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Quick Bookmarks - keep your bookmarks on the web

Import Bookmarks

To import your bookmarks, you need a standard HTML file (Netscape Bookmark file) generally named Bookmark.htm.
This file can be generated using the favorites export functions of your browser.

Bookmarks file
6Mb max.

The bookmarks will be imported mapping the first level of folders to the tabs and the second level of folders to groups.
The imported elements will be added to your existing structure (existing data will be not removed).

Import your bookmarks

  • Choose the command "Import and Export..." from menu "File", or from the button in your browser.
  • This starts the Import/Export wizard - just click "Next"
  • Select "Export Favorites".
  • This gives you a choice of which folders to export... usually you want to export the whole favorites folder. Choose the folder you want to export.
  • On the next window, choose "Export to a file" and click the button "Browse".
    On the "Save" window, choose a destination (for example, your Desktop) and a file name (the predefined "bookmark.htm" is good). Click "Save".
  • After that, click "Next" on the wizard window.
  • Close the wizard clicking "Finish".
  • Now your bookmark file has been saved to the destination you have choosed, and you are ready to import it in Quick Bookmarks.
    Click the button "Browse" above in this page and choose the file you have exported.

*NOTE:  Quick Bookmarks supports all major and current versions of broswers. The import buttons (steps) on the browser you are using might be a bit different but should work very similar to the outline above.

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