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 New Group
  •  5 Gifts Ideas for Holiday Romance 
  •  A Proper and Meaningful Way to Say I am Sorry 
  •  Couples weekend workshop 2017 
  •  Elements of a True Apology - principleskills 
  •  Couples Weekend Workshop in Denver 
  •  Professional Training Workshop for Couples Therapists and counselors 
  •  Are you a beauty or a beast in your Relationship? 
  •  See your outcomes for Beauty vs Beast Quiz 
  •  Finding 8-Cow Moments 
  •  10 Things To Know About Gottman 
  •  Intimate Solutions by Certified Gottman Therapist 
  •  Who Should Attend a Couples Workshop 
  •  Couples Workshop is for engaged couples and newlyweds 

 Group 2
  •  Defensiveness is Offensive 
  •  It is not me, it is you - principleskills 
  •  Stress of police work on marriage 
  •  Couples fight about this more than anything else much ado about nothing 
  •  Recognize and counter 3 types of harmful betrayals 
  •  My Journey to becoming a Gottman couples therapist 
  •  Why I Become a Gottman Couples Therapist 
  •  Gottman-Certified Workshops in Colorado - ELEVATE Your LOVE 
  •  About Certified Gottman Couples Therapist 

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