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  •  Professional & Personal Women Development Business and Leadership Coaching 
  •  Secrets of resilient people 
  •  Business Accelerator and Development Trainer for Women Entrepreneurs 
  •  Make Your Day Productive 
  •  How to Face your Fears to Improve Your Career 
  •  Ways to cultivate an optimistic outlook on life 
  •  Fail Flat or Fail Forward: It Really Is Your Choice - Dr. Lesly Devereaux 
  •  Look Back But Don't Stay Back! 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux Shares Two Tips to Stop Self-Sabotaging Behavior 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux, D.Min., J.D. - Transformational Trainer/Coach/Author/Speaker 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux - 9 Ways to show gratitude and create more fulfillment and happiness 
  •  About Dr. Lesly Devereaux, Commerce in New Jersey 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux, New Jersey Author of Breaking Codependency book 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux Author at Amazon 
  •  Dr. Lesly Devereaux - The Anatomy of a Niche 
  •  The Anatomy of the Niche Tip Sheet - Lesly Devereaux 
  •  REBOOT tapping into inner strength - Lesly Devereaux 
  •  Willpower tips from psychologists and authors - Lesly Devereaux 
  •  Lesly Devereaux: Webinar - The Anatomy of a Niche 
  •  Lesly Devereaux: Power Word of the Week - CONQUER 
  •  Lesly Devereaux: About Work Life Balance 
  •  What are the key points to assertiveness in women? 
  •  Breaking Codependency: How to Navigate the Traps That Sabotage Your Life 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power Word of the Week: COLLABORATE 
  •  HarperRobins Publishers Announces the Release of Breaking Codependency 
  •  Lesly Devereaux Periscope - National Day of Prayer 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power Word of the Week: FOCUS 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power Word of the Week: STRENGTH 
  •  Lesly Devereaux: Shared tips on Work Life Balance 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power Word of the Week: RESILIENCE 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power Word of the Week: CONFIDENCE 
  •  Lesly Devereaux shared tips - RESILIENCE 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Power word of the week: NOURISH 
  •  Lesly Devereaux - Willpower Tips from Psychologists and Authors 


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