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 My scripts
  • User: TMOSTSR
    pass: TMOSTSR
    Account: 31922287

    tech number: 17944


    KRONOS user: PA1052477

    Downgrade and Upgrade

    Task SC (Service Change)
    -Appears CF (Customer Flashes)
    -Press Enter
    -ES task appears

    Adding equipments
    -Just we can do that if Third party equipments
    -Not needed for Equip rented.
    -Info needed in order to register an equipment into the acc
    -MAC Addr
    -Serial Number
    - This is performed on task EQP

    Internet Troubleshooting

    Step 1
    - Check for non pay disconnect
    - Service Suspension (Abuse provide phone and ticket) code HSI AUP
    - Known issues (any outage in the area)
    - Check for any WO open
    - Active Gigabit Customer - Customer is a Gigablast customer
    - Service install (30 days)
    - Power cycle
    - Turn off modem
    - Turn off router
    - wait 30 sec
    - Turn on modem
    - Turn on router
    -Signal that we can sent
    - In order to perform a RESET we should go to @EQP
    Click on SEND HIT


    How to set a visit using ICOMS
    1. Go to TC (Trouble call)
    - Appears CF screen
    - Select Problem Codes
    Most used
    - Customer Education
    - Repeat Data Problem
    - Intermittent Connection
    - Slow Speed
    - SS
    - Select Time
    - Enter


    CABLE Product Knowledge

    Cox has4 main types of cable receivers

    Mini Box
    Contour 1
    Contour 2

    1st level
    TV Starter
    - Local channels
    - Educational channels
    - Goverment regulated channels

    2nd level
    Expanded Service

    TV Starter+Expanded = TV Essential

    Access to COX On Demand
    In Demand is the content supplier
    Kind of On Demand
    -Movies on Demand
    -Events on Demand
    -Premiums on Demand
    -Suscription on Demand
    -Channels on Demand


    Music Choice

    Contour App

    Cable Add Ons

    TV Paks
    Cox has 6 Paks
    -Variaty Paks
    -Movie Paks
    -Sport and Info Paks
    -Sport Pak 2
    -Latino Pak
    -Bonus Pak (free with a suscription to any of the above paks)

    Cable Receivers

    Mini Box
    ROVI Receivers
    Contour 1
    A customer could have until 8 boxes per home.

    Cable Package
    -TV Starter
    -Contour Flex Starter
    -Contour TV
    - New Contour TV Ultimate

    Cable Install
    -Contour 1 & 2

    Base Code (Cable) = 100

    Case 1

    TV STARTER Code: 101
    - Mini Box
    100 VIDEO BASE
    101 TV STARTER
    695 MINI BOX

    Case 2
    -CONTOUR 1

    Can be have Premium Channels

    CONTOUR1 and Minibox does not have EQ Deposit

    In order to add package we only use
    CONTOUR TV Ultimate

    -C1 box
    -C2 box

    Can be have Premium and Pack

    DVR Service

    Contour 1
    Two different boxes for R2 and R6
    Troubleshooting Contour 2

    Cable Check Connections
    -Power /Coax cable
    -TV on
    -Also can do a HDMI disconnect and connect it again.

    Send HITS
    From iNaV
    Go to Tech Support tab
    Select the box related
    Click on Send Hit
    First one used: H Just do a Refresh
    If it does not work we can send
    IN or I3 signals.

    From ICOMS
    Select BOX
    "SEND HIT"
    TASK "AI"
    WITH "5"

    Black Screen -> Power Cycle (Desconecta, 30 secs Conecta)

    On Demand

    In order to see all on demand requests by the customer
    Task VI
    SELECT Customer
    Activities button

    Pay Per View

    Task PV (related to events)

    Task PK (related to seasonal)

    Task PH (Access PPV History)


    Step 1: Account auth.
    Step2: @SC
    Step 3:@ES
    Sale REason used: B5
    No chantge in services and go directly to @OT
    In there we should put these codes
    - REMOTEREPL (Charge of $20)
    - RTRN BOX (Used for returning the damaged remote control)
    Note: Before replace and send a remote tell to the customer he/she can go to the Cox store in order to replace it.
    Step4: @Os press enter key
    If we do not have any error we will go to DR screen.
    In this screen you can send the remote controls needed. (more than 1 if necessary)

    Step 1: Account auth.
    Step2: @SC
    Step 3:@ES
    Sale REason used: B5
    Step 4: @CB
    We will need the S/N of the defective box in order to identify the Cable box with issues.
    Copy all the settings from the box defective (@Copy)
    and after that we proceed to cancel the box with issues. (@CNCL/DISC)
    Step 5: @OT we will need these codes
    - SELF TV ($20 of charge)
    - RTRN BOX
    - Office Only
    Note: Customer should return the box. If the cust does not it... the box will be charged.

    Step 6: @OS press enter key and we go to DR screen
    - Select the items to be sent to the customer in the order

    Step 7: We will user Future Bill since we are changing a box in the customer account.

    Telephone Services.

    It is not common attended telephone troubleshooting.

    Sometimes when you add the telephone service the bill will down since the customer apply to promotions.

    Troubleshooting steps
    Check all the phones are properly closed.

    TS - 38 (Screen used to add telephone service to an order)
    Base of the service: line fl (When you apply it the system launch a telehpone number randomly)

    Step to create a telephone order:
    1. @TS enter the code Line fl
    2. The Directory Listing Info screen is opened. In there enter the Lst Ins
    Normally Publish is used. Click OK and Exit.
    3. click on the line activated and click on Occ Pkgs
    4. The Package Pricing for Occurrence is opened. In there select Add and the package to be added
    5. @TS screen add the carriers. Enter the Cox code: 06269
    6. PIC/LPIC PIC: Local calls / LPIC: Long distance calls inside US
    7. @ES press enter to looking for any lost code in the order.
    8. @cq select PORT1 code
    9. At Questionnaire screen press enter and click on Customer Has Met the
    10. @OT screen select the telephone pro install
    11. @SS Schedule the visit
    12. @CR check credit
    13. @OS press enter

    Telephone Troubleshooting

    Check these items
    - Non Pay
    - Outage
    - Incomplete order

    Internet / Phone Modem

    Online: Reset

    Offlines: Coaxial Cable
    Modem Connection
    TC -> TT

    PacketLoss: TEST CONN (iNav)
    10% PAcket loss
    TC -> TT

    Fluctuations: TC -> TT
    T3, T4

    Default Voice Mail

    If the customer equip does not present any of all the situation mentioned above we perform
    TEST DESK - TD Transfer to CAG - Customer Advocate Group (1-844-260-0425)

    If the customer does not have a modem we proceed to go to ETTQ in order to chectk the status/

    - Try other active jack


    Select the issue reported by the customer

    Key articles
    Setting Up Voice Mail
    Activating Readable Voice Mail
    Checking Voice Mail
    Troubleshooting Voice Mail

    Caller ID
    Troubleshooting TV Caller ID

    Telephone Packages
    Key articles
    Telephone Rates and Pricing

    Telephone Features


    Tools to manage links online

    3.Press *66 or on a rotary phone, dial 1166, then hang up the phone.


    @CL we can see the bills on
    Late payment fee is generated when we have other bill printed without any payment in the last cycle.

    QA Notes

    Billing Cycle 30 days


    Bill Day 12/19/17
    Due Day 12/18/17

    If CUST has
    PROM J or PAST DUE cannot change DUE DAY

    Task SF (Used to view the bill info)

    How to see active campaigns
    @CS -> Pricing (Promotions)
    Special Pricing (Campaings

    Customer Flashes CF

    Customer Ledger CL





    It is an automatic method of payment. The requirement is the cust should have money in the account. If the cust does not have money in the account the system launch a return payment fee.

    It will be with credit card or a bank account. The customer can do it in the webpage or thru our chat service. Normally they do it from his account.

    How to validate the account used by the customer
    @MP The pink one is the active one.
    @rp In this task you can verify if the customer has a blocked account.

    Credit per time:

    System permit credit until 30 days.
    The credit should be apply from the time reported until the solving time of the issue.
    The reason used should be according to the credit applied. If we choose the incorrect code the system will cancel the credit without informing the customer.
    We just put the service and the time that we are going to give the credit.

    How to appy credit
    @CL or @CS click on Adj by Srv

    Credit per specific amount.
    @CL Cust info field put $
    We should put minus signal (-) after the amount to be a credit.

    @CL Cust info field put ai
    We will have all the credits applied to the customer.

    Credit per PPV or On Demand
    @PH Click on ADjustment selecting the event you want to apply a credit.

    Pending payments
    @CL click on Pend Payment
    Click on Hstory (Access to history payment info)

    How to take a payment

    @Cash and press enter twice
    Assistance fee by chat is $10.

    Promise to pay (Extensions)

    @CO Click on Scheme option
    In order to find out the disconnection date.

    You will find it on C/D/H SOFT EVENT in the Description Field
    Always provide a day before the disconnection day
    How to left a note
    @CO click on ADD
    ptp , enter prom date / promise amount / enter on ACT field F

    The minimum amount to be pay by cust is 31-60 statement
    Extensions applied each 60 days.
    Maximum days extention is 7 days
    Always we should ask to the cust to pay the complete amount debt.
    Customer with less than 3 months with Cox cannot apply to extentions.
    Extensions appy before the disconnect day. If the system already disconnect the customer the extensions does not apply


    Transfer from an active account to other one.
    1. disconnect in the old house (wo)
    2. Connect in the new one (wo)

    Transfer cannot be done inter state.
    Transfer has two charges:
    20 or 75

    Starting the process:

    1. Auth the account
    2. @TR press enter
    3. At least 3 months with Cox services. Self. If not use Pro transfer. Press Enter
    4. Customer lookup
    Add Customer new address
    Auth and press F11 twice
    Exit from the @NM
    Appears the Disconnection WO
    Select WO
    Office Only and press enter
    @SS Office Only
    @OS press enter
    Ask to the customer about when he is going to disconnect
    Sale REason : 08
    @ES Customer is registeres as a new customer. We can offer services and bundles.
    Always left CC notes in both accounts




 Cox Links
 Internet Support
     Homelife How To
    •  Preparing for your Cox Homelife installation - YouTube 
     Remote Control How to
     Cable TV How to
       Internet How to
       Billing How to
       Auto Text
      • {
        "afters ": "The modem should be rebooting now, if the modem is not rebooting now, please unplug the power cord for 10seconds and then plug it back.",
        "apo1 ": "Please accept my sincere and unreserved apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you.",
        "apo2 ": "I know how important is to have your service working properly. I apologize for all the inconveniences with the service.",
        "apo3 ": "I do apologize for all this experience. ",
        "b4s ": "If you are currently connected to the Cox Network, we are going to lose this chat session. Once the modem is back on please try to test the connection with just one device connected to the network. I'm leaving detailed notes in your account about this situation, if the issue persists please contact us again to follow the next steps. ",
        "card1 ": "To process your payment, please provide: The dollar amount you want to pay, The ATM or credit card type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), Your name as it appears on the card, The 16-digit card number, The expiration date on the card.",
        "cbr ": "Do you have a preferred contact number where the technician can reach you at?",
        "ccc ": "Our technician will be able to work with you to diagnose the problem further and in the instance that this issue is not related to Cox equipment or Cox wiring there may be a one time charge of $75 .\n\n To avoid potential charges, we offer Cox Complete Care, a comprehensive support solution that covers a wide range of support needs including: \n\n· Inside Wiring Repair \n· Equipment Troubleshooting \n· Technology/Equipment \n· Education and advanced tech support such as virus removal or software configuration. \n\nIt is an incredible value for just $10/month and a great way to protect yourself from additional charges in the future. ",
        "chatsecu ": "All chats are encrypted. This helps to protect the confidentiality of all information provided. Once we submit your information, we will only be able to see the last 4 digits. Also, all chats are monitored for quality assurance purposes. Any information gathered is for internal use only.",
        "check1 ": "To process your payment please provide: The dollar amount you want to ay, if checking or savings account, the account number and routing number. ",
        "chpass ": "I have reset your online profile password.\n\nUSER ID: \nPASSWORD: \n\nPlease be aware that the password is case-sensitive. Also please don't copy and paste, type directly your login information. This password it's temporary, I recommend changing your password immediately for a new (never used on the account password).",
        "chpass1 ": "In this case, we can try a password reset. I will provide you a temporary password and then I will provide you some steps to change it. Do you agree?",
        "chpass2 ": "USER ID: \nPASSWORD: \n\nPlease be aware that the password is case-sensitive. Also please don't copy and paste, type directly your login information. This password it's temporary, I recommend changing your password immediately.",
        "chpass4 ": "Please let me know if you are able to access the account.",
        "clo1 ": "Thank you for choosing Cox Communications. Remember, we're here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have a good rest of the day!",
        "clo2 ": "If you have more questions, feel free to contact us again. We will be pleased to assist you, remember we are 24/7.",
        "col1 ": "Since I will not be able to get you an extension we have a dedicated department for this particular request, you can reach them at: \n\nThey are available (Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm)",
        "cpni1 ": "To better assist you, I will need the following information:\n \n1. The 10-Digit Phone Number as it is listed on the account.\n2. Your full name as it is listed on the account.\n3. Your complete home address where the service is located.\n4. The four-digit PIN \nnumber listed on the account.",
        "cser ": "May I have the serial number of the affected cable box? The serial should be located at the back or below the cable box, with the last four digits it's okay. The serial should start with: ",
        "disco1 ": "Thank you for your patience. I have set up the disconnection order for you effective on xx/xx/xx. The work order number is: xxxxxxx\nPlease remember to return any Cox equipment. There will be a 10 days timeframe from the disconnection date to return it and avoid an unreturned equipment fee.",
        "disco2 ": "While there are many inquiries I can assist you with, this option is not available through chat. For assistance with this request, please give us a call at 1-800-234-3993 (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm).",
        "disco3 ": "While there are many inquiries I can assist you with, this option is not available through chat. For assistance with this request, please give us a call at 1-800-757-1082 (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm).",
        "exp1 ": "I have verified your account and I can see here your bill increased due to an expired promotional price you had for 12 months. It is now at the regular price of your current Internet package.",
        "hl1 ": "We as Cox Care Support we do not have the tools to provide you assistance with Homelife. However, I recommend you to contact our Homelife Department at 877-404-2568. I'm sure they can provide you the assistance you are looking for. ",
        "inedu ": "Our Professional installation has a charge of $75 for each service. The technician will make sure to activate the services inside/outside and everything will be working just fine. Self Activation has a charge of $20 but if the service does not work you will need to contact us again to set Technical visit (SelfToPro Order) for $55.",
        "info2 ": "Could you please confirm the full address where the service is currently located? ",
        "infom ": "In order to register the modem, I will need the brand, model, serial number and MAC address of the new equipment. ",
        "itcc ": "In this case, I can send some signals to your cable box. The signals will refresh and reset your cable box and may fix this issue. Do you agree?",
        "itcm ": "In this case, I can send some signals to your modem. The signals will refresh and reset your modem and may fix the issue. Do you agree?",
        "itct ": "In this case, the next step is to schedule a technical visit. Do you agree?",
        "iu ": "I understand.",
        "link1 ": "Please let me know if you are able to access the link. ",
        "loy1 ": "We have a dedicated department for this particular request. They have great deals and promotions to help you reduce your bill or find a plan that better fits your needs. If you'd like, you can reach them at: ",
        "mor ": "Do you have a modem/router or separated units? ",
        "nnptp ": "At this moment the account is not under a disconnection risk since the account is not under a second past due amount. We will not be able to make an extension until the next bill is generated, once the next bill is generated, please contact us again to provide you more information about the disconnection date. The next bill will be generated on xx/xx/xx",
        "noptp ": "Thank you for your patience. I have verified the account and it shows here you already had an extension last month. Unfortunately we do not have the access to apply another extension for this month since we have a limit and there need to be a 60 days time frame since the last extension in order to apply. ",
        "npass1 ": "In order to access My Wifi Portal please try to use the next link:\n\n\n\nOnce you access My Wifi Portal please scroll down until you see, View and Change the Wireless Network Name SSID and Password.",
        "op1 ": "I hope you are having a good day, I'll do my best to help you with your request. How can I help you today?",
        "opentd ": "I will need to send an escalation to our Specialized Phone Department, they have the tools to remotely fix this issue. This should be fixed in less than 24hours. They will contact you once the issue is fixed.",
        "outa1 ": "There is a temporary outage in your area. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our technicians are aware of this issue and they are working to fix this the soon as possible. I'm leaving detailed notes in your account about all this situation. When the issue is fixed please contact us again to make the adjustments to your bill for the time without the service.",
        "outat ": "Unfortunately we don’t know how long this will take but our technicians are working to fix this issue the soon as possible. ",
        "payme ": "Will you pay with Credit Card or Checking account? ",
        "pin1 ": "Could you please confirm the four-digit Cox Pin? It should be located at the upper right corner of your bill statement. ",
        "pre1 ": "Is there anything else I can help you with?",
        "pre2 ": "I hope the information that I provided you was helpful. Do you have any other questions I may help you with?",
        "pre3 ": "Do you have any other questions? ",
        "ptp1 ": "It's done. I successfully made the payment extension. You have until 00/00 to pay the past due amount. ",
        "ss1": "Would you be able to authenticate with the last 4 of the SS?",
        "ss2": "You can also authenticate with the last 4 of the SS.",
        "ssn1 ": "For account verification, please provide the last four digits of the account holder's Social Security number.",
        "str1 ": "Are you still with me?",
        "str2 ": "After another minute without a response from you, this chat session will automatically end. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.",
        "str3 ": "I apologize. It appears we have been disconnected from each other in chat. If you still need assistance, please close this chat and try to open a new one. Or contact us by phone - you'll find the number on our website. Thank you for choosing Cox.",
        "surv ": "You will receive a short survey regarding today's assistance, I will appreciate your feedback.",
        "tck1 ": "I will send an escalation to our specialized department for this issue. I will provide you a ticket number as a reference and you will need to contact us in 24-48hours to check for the resolution. Ticket#: ",
        "tcr ": "Please be aware of the following:\n\n 1.An adult above the age of 18 must be present throughout the technician's visit.\n\n 2.Equipment in the house must be accessible and pets should be kept at a distance from the technician.\n\n 3.Gates must be unlocked for any outside work required.\n\n 4.The technician should call about 45 minutes prior to arrival to confirm the appointment.\n\n 5.If the problem originates with Cox, there will be no charge or additional fee for the visit. \n\n6.If the problem originates with equipment not provided by Cox or not covered by a purchased Cox Service Protection Plan, then a fee for the visit may apply.",
        "tcs ": "We have available slots for 00/00 at 8-10am, 10-12pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm and 5-7pm.",
        "tfi ": "Thanks for this information.",
        "tpv1 ": "We are required to have telephone customers complete order verification by an independent third party before we can install your service. It will take about 3minutes. Please answer carefully \"Yes\" to all questions so we can proceed with the order. \n\nContact Number:\n\nRecord locator: ",
        "ty ": "Thank You.",
        "tyw ": "Thank you for the information you have provided me. This will take a moment while I get your account information.",
        "wait1 ": "Allow me a moment please.",
        "wait2 ": "Thanks for your patience.",
        "wait3 ": "Allow me just a second to find that information for you.",
        "who1 ": "May I know your name? To address you properly.",
        "whydisco ": "May I know your disconnection reason? ",
        "whypin ": "Please, understand that via chat we have no way to verify your information, but through the pin, without it anybody else can contact us and make any changes to your account without your consent.",
        "wsqa ": "You have to choose one secret question/answer:\n \n1. First pet name?\n\n2. First Concert you attended?\n\n3. City where your parents met? \n\n4. What street did you live on in third grade?\n\n5. Last name of your first grade teacher? ",
        "wuser ": "What name as a user ID would you like?",
        "yw ": "You're welcome."
      • Data 1-West:
        NV - Las Vegas-------------------476
        CA - Orange County---------------333
        CA - Palos Verde-----------------334
        PHX/AZ - Phoenix-----------------436
        CA - Santa Barbara---------------342
        CA - San Diego-------------------541

        Data 2-East:
        RHI - Rhode Island---------------238
        OH - Cleveland-------------------609
        CT - Connecticut-----------------216
        FL - Gainesville-----------------214
        VA/HRD -Hampton------------------215
        FL - Macon (MIDDLE GEORGIA)------1
        VA/NVA - Northern Virginia-------477
        VA/ROA -Roanoke------------------239

        LA - Baton Rouge-----------------182
        KS - Kansas----------------------580
        LA - Louisiana-------------------182
        OK - Oklahoma--------------------131
        NE - Omaha-----------------------132
        FL/GAN - Pensacola (Gulf Coast)--135
        OK - Tulsa-----------------------186

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