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 Shale Pumps
  • Shale Pumps!

    Shale Pumps is an Oil and Gas industry equipment design and manufacturing company focused on manufacturing high-pressure fracturing, drilling, and well-servicing pumps. We strive to incorporate cost savings without sacrificing quality.

    Shale Pumps, a start-up based in Houston, Texas, the oil capital of the world, provides superior completion equipment to the global exploration & production market. The main focus of the company is to manufacture the pumps used for Oil and Gas exploration and provide high-quality frac pumps, mud pumps and well completion units to frac operators, drilling contractors and well service companies. Shale Pumps, a limited liability company has the infrastructure and expertise to build and deliver reliable equipment that exceeds industry standards.

 Shale Pumps
  •  Fracking Equipment Manufacturer – Shale Pumps 
  •  Metal Fabrication Services in Houston- Shale Pumps 
  •  SP-2200L - Triplex Drilling Mud Pumps - Shale Pumps 
  •  SP-800Q Quintuplex Drilling Pump - Shale Pumps 
  •  SP-500 Triplex - Well Service Pumps 
  •  Mud Pumps for Drilling Rigs - Shale Pumps 
  •  Q2500 HP Quintuplex – Frac Pump - Shale Pumps 
  •  SP-FRT375 False Rotary Table - Shale Pumps 

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