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  • Since the beginning in 2011, Sciencedomain International has successfully delivered a myriad of journals to the science enthusiasts. They started with only 18 journals but in 2015, they have created an extensive portfolio of total 35 journals. As the competition is fierce in the journal publication industry, a number of journals from different publishers were unable to leave their mark in the industry. On the contrary, Sciencedomain International has taken a huge leap forward towards success in the year 2015 by controlling 0.27% of the global publishing market. Their growth rate is remarkable, and it is reflected from their 0.01% to 0.14% growth in the first four years of their operation. This growth rate is far more great than some other leading OA publishers in the industry. Sciencedomain International really appreciates everyone's support to enable them reach at this current position in world publication market.

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    ScienceDomain International is a new and promising publisher of STM journals from India. It is noteworthy that this publisher follows Transparent and robust “Open peer review” model. In 2013 an article published in famous Science journal (, which reported that out of total 304 journals, only 20 journals rejected a fake article after substantial peer review. Sciencedomain’s journal was among these few successful journals. It also provides wide indexing coverage and provides public proof for every claim of indexing. It also renders the service of perpetual archiving with Portico, DOI for every article, plagiarism checking for each submission, etc. Many scientists from world famous universities like Harvard, Columbia University, Cambridge, University of Chicago, Yale University, University of Göttingen, etc published with Science Domain journals. All these examples clearly stand against the working principle of some predatory publishers, who don’t provide any peer review service and don’t provide the basic services of a standard scholarly publisher.

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 SCIENCE DOMAIN international
  • SCIENCEDOMAIN international – Home To Some Of The Most Informative Journals

    Are you searching for a reliable website for journals associated with various topics of medicine, science and technology? If your answer to the above question is yes, then SCIENCEDOMAIN international is an ideal choice for you. Our website has an extensive range of journals and articles that you can access for free. We believe in establishing a trustworthy relationship with our readers and this is why, we provide them high quality international pieces of research papers through our website.

    Since establishment, we have been serving the most respected academicians from all over the globe by allowing them to showcase their research work on our site. We aim at promoting their content without any monetary barrier. We have been the first and foremost choice of a myriad of scholars and scientists, as all our policies are completely transparent that work well for our contributors.

    At SCIENCEDOMAIN international, we have always laid emphasis on giving back something to the society, and we have successfully conducted this by sharing new ideas and theories through the journals linked to distinct fields. Our every journal is open to access, but we have a policy of charging for the subscription of the hard copies of the published work. We offer discounts of 25% on the bulk order of subscriptions as well as for the agency that arranges subscriptions of journals.

    We are well-known to offer the toughest Advanced OPEN peer review system in which minimum two peers of the same field peer-reviewed high quality manuscripts. Our review system offers the provision to uncover the authors' and reviewers' identities to each other during the review process. In addition, we publish the details of every reviewer and academic editor on the published paper's first page, while publishing authors' feedback, review comments, different manuscript versions and editorial comments with the paper in the 'Review History' link.

    So through our unique system, we have helped the reviewers to get their due respect and recognition by publishing their names with the papers. Therefore, our process has enabled the society to be highly beneficial in the long run, opposite of some rumors which state that we at SCIENCEDOMAIN international are a predatory publisher.

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