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 Henry Swieca
  • Henry Swieca is the Co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management and the founder of Talpion Fund Management.

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  •  A American hedge fund manager born holocaust survivors 
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  •  A successful investor and a billionaire 
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  •  A distinguished name in hedge funding industry- Henry Swieca 
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  •  A billionaire who started his career with a few dollars - Henry Swieca 
  •  Journey of Henry Swieca! 
  •  Global Macro - Hedge funding strategies 
  •  His dedication and hard work is the key behind his success - Henry Swieca 
  •  Self-made billionaire - Henry Swieca 
  •  A billionaire who grew up in Washington Heights - Henry Swieca 
  •  An eminent name in hedge funding industry - Henry Swieca 
  •  Hard work and dedication worked for Henry Swieca! 
  •  A well known hedge funding manager in New York - Henry Swieca  
  •  A billionaire who worked at many places to get success - Henry Swieca  
  •  Talpion LLC - the brainchild of Henry Swieca 
  •  The personality who lead Highbridge Capital through highs and lows  
  •  What is close-ended hedge funding? 
  •  A hedge fund expert who has a worth of $1.2 billion 
  •  A member of several civil organizations – Henry Swieca 
  •  The man who made it to amazing success in financing business despite hardships  
  •  A personality who is expert at calculating financial risks 
  •  A dependable name for top-class hedge funding solutions  
  •  Success is guaranteed with hard work and determination! 
  •  A motivational figure for everyone – Mr. Swieca  
  •  A billionaire and the founder of Highbridge Capital Management 
  •  The charitable foundation, run by Henry Swieca  

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